Do you hate deer eating all of your hard-grown fruits and vegetables? Modular Home & Garden is now piloting a Deer Proof Home Garden!!


This garden is a permanent, durable structure that measures 10'x10'x6' tall and will keep out any/all critters!


We use ground contact pressure treated (cedar available for additional cost) wood to build this garden, posts are set into ground to ensure your garden is here to stay!


We will come to your house for an initial consultation, and site planning and then set up a day to construct your garden! Construction should take (1) day depending on garden size.


Price includes:

Materials and labor to create flat 10'x10'x6' garden 

(1) Access Gate to Garden


Price does NOT include:

Fill dirt/soil (available for additional cost)

Sod removal (available for additional cost)

Materials, Labor for Larger Gardens - Contact us for details

Materials, Labor for Hillside Gardens extra


**We will also build you a custom garden to your specifications, but please message us before ordering!**


Deer Proof Garden, Detroit Metro ONLY


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