When are your first products for sale?

We are producing a limited run of garden box kits spring/summer 2018. While these kits are not made out of our production intent material, the design and functionality of the products is the same and will be compatible with future MHG and SlideStax products!

When will the production garden box kit be available for purchase?

We are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign Q1 2019 to begin sales the SlideStax™ Garden Box Kit. Product will then be shipped in Q2 2019. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more detailed information.

What material is the garden kit made of?

The material is a composite blend of recycled hardwood and recycled food-safe plastics (PP). Our Products are UV, weather and temperature resistant and eco-friendly!


Are these products safe for contact with soil, water, produce?

Our product materials and any coating is non-toxic and safe for you to grow and enjoy the freshest food.

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